; Twist and Twirl Curlsss
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Twist and Twirl Curlsss
And I thought I was doing so good!

hey lovelies!

Haha, so remember when i put my hair up into that cute bun yesturday…yeahhh…

Today my hair instantly went into loc, mode. Pieces that i thoroughly detangle just up and knotted on itself. Now my hair really prefers being in twist and braids. It gets stretched properly (stretching the hair=anti single strand knots), and it just feels a ton better. I mean my hair feels kind of soft now, but ohh the look: absoutely lifeless. no color, totally dull.  AND i could easily douse my hair in coconut oil (which i did!) and it still looked dull, it legitamently look really course and hard looking. 

Its crazy because literally 2 months ago, all I did to my hair was put it in a ballerina bun! I swear i can never try anything new cause my hair’ll either: 

  1.  Like it soo much I can’t do anything else with it. 
  2. Like it for a while and then decides it wants absolutely nothing to do with it.

This goes for styles as well as products, and to be honest with you I didn’t feel like retwisting my hair this week! I have a lot of hair and it takes alot of time. For now its resting in 6 flat twist (and it doesn’t help that i can’t flat twist to save my life. )

So! To give my hair what it wants (clump-age and stretch) and give myself what i want (a break!) Im gonna put in some yarn braids. Which’ll mean since im using extension I’ll have to drop out of my challenge! BOOO!!!

This sucks cause I was actually really into it, just got lazy along the way 0:3 

Oh well! I never yarn braided my hair before/did extension so this’ll be interesting. Will be on the search for black and pink acrylic yarn (or pink…or yellow ehh Ill figure it out when i get to walmart ;)) 

<3 & xxxxxxxxxxs